About Us

Less is more.

Who We Are

Liquid Earth is redefining clean. Our ground-up approach to natural cleaning ensures superior performance without toxins or greenwashing. Committed to transparency and sustainability, its products outshine the competition in efficacy and eco-friendliness.

Natural and Non-Toxic

All Liquid Earth products are made with naturally derived ingredients without any damaging chemicals or dyes.    

Our approach of ‘less is more’ was used to carefully select complimentary components that could work together to deliver high performance.  We paid close attention to our ingredient selection and their concentrations to deliver a safe product.

Liquid Earth uses non-toxic and readily biodegradable ingredients giving assurance that you are not harming yourself or the environment.

Cleaning Performance

All Liquid Earth products are formulated to deliver a high level of clean without compromising their natural, non-toxic mandate. 

Our stable microemulsion technology guarantees consistent performance from the very first spray to the last, so you can rely on our products to tackle any cleaning task with ease.

From greasy counter-tops to dried on grime, the powerful cleaning of Liquid Earth fights to get the job done, while leaving hints and tones of nature’s natural scents behind. 

Hospital Clean

Liquid Earth has worked with Pario specialists to evaluate the performance of their products under real world conditions. Pario's Industrial Hygienists utilize proven technology to evaluate the performance of Liquid Earth products by comparing pre-cleaning and post-cleaning surfaces.

In all tests conducted, the Liquid Earth cleaners successfully cleaned all materials tested, resulting in a reduction of living matter to between 4 to 20 RLU. According to the lab report written by Pario Engineering & Environmental Science.



Some Liquid Earth blends deliver the therapeutic complexity of the blend in waves – our Fresh-Squeezed Wilderness first delivers the invigorating impact of citrus followed by the uplifting impact of cedar.  Others like Eucalyptus Euphoria blend the soothing power of each oil to deliver a unique scent from start to finish. We further use the inherent antiviral and antibacterial properties of our essential oils to enhance our cleaning performance.