Liquid Earth Ingredients 

The following is the list of ingredients used in Liquid Earth blends. Our Liquid Earth natural chemists determined that it is critical to have the right ingredients and of the highest quality to deliver a safe high-performance cleaner. Liquid Earth ensures that the type, the grade, and the pedigree of each ingredient is known and is of the best quality. Attention is given to avoid harmful impurities as Liquid Earth only sources the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Liquid Earth achieved Leaping Bunny certification which ensures our complete supply chain is cruelty free. 

Liquid Earth only uses natural essential oils to create aromatherapy blends. The concentrations of the essential oils are carefully chosen for safe levels while delivering the desired and effective scent profile. The ingredients of the Liquid Earth blends are chosen to have synergistic effects making an exceptional cleaner with the fewest ingredients. 



The primary component that flows through nature. Liquid Earth started with nature's best cleaner, water, and carefully added natural, non-toxic ingredients that work together to deliver a high performance of clean and our feel-good aromatherapy. 

Alcohol ethoxylate

Alcohol ethoxylate used in Liquid Earth is naturally derived from coconut oil and contains properties that allow it to be used as a surfactant. We can simplify the science behind how alcohol ethoxylate plays a role in being a key ingredient across all our Liquid Earth products. Organically composed of a hydrophobic (repels water) chain and a hydrophilic (strong affinity for water) chain, the surfactant creates a phospholipid molecule (contains two fatty acid chains – containing the hydrophobic and hydrophilic ends), when in contact with an aqueous solution. This is called a micelle, which is spherical in shape. When using the Liquid Earth cleaners, the hydrophilic ends of the micelle will attach to the water molecules of the substance needed to be cleaned, and the hydrophobic ends of the micelle will attach itself to the dirty substances and trap it. This allows for Liquid Earth to achieve a hospital-level of cleaning right down to the molecular level, hence cleaning much more than meets the eye. This surfactant has the capability to leave a streak-free clean which makes it amazing when cleaning your fridge, phone, mirrors and other related surfaces. Additionally, this surfactant is not carcinogenic and does not cause development defects.  

Alkyl polyglycoside

Alkyl polyglycosides (APGs) are a naturally derived surfactant that allows for excellent emulsifying, foaming, and conditioning properties in our cleaners. It is sugar-based so it is composed of a saccharide along with a hydrophobic chain. It is safe and biodegradable. This surfactant works powerfully yet is gentle on surfaces which doesn't cause damage over time.


Bergamot essential oil is derived from citrus fruit. It is a note detected in luxury fragrances, as it has a sweet and floral scent. With aromatherapeutic properties, such as relaxing and confidence-boosting, this essential oil promotes digestive system health along with stress-reducing benefits. 

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is an herb, native to parts of Europe. It has been used in medicinal history and contains properties that are calming and enlightening, delivering a sense of warmth. 


A woody scent used to make you feel connected and calm, further aiding the circulatory system. This essential oil provides stress relief. 


Lemon essential oil is clarifying and energizing. This oil contains antimicrobial properties, which target bacteria and viruses, leaving the surface clean. 


Lemongrass is clarifying and reduces headaches. It also contains strong degreasing and antimicrobial properties, which allow it to combat infections and provide antioxidants to the body.  


Lime is a sharp scent that refreshes not just the surface, but the air as well. Lime essential oil is effective in disinfectants, containing antimicrobial properties. 


Popular in Spain, traditionally, oregano essential oil has been used to treat the respiratory system and provides immunity. It contains antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.  


A hybrid of water-mint and spearmint, peppermint essential oil is stimulating, revitalizing, and energizing. It is great for nausea and makes you feel refreshed.  


Believed to have originated in the Mediterranean countries, rosemary is cleansing and clarifying. Rosemary invigorates, opens your mind, and rounds itself out with its antimicrobial properties. 

Sweet Orange

This essential oil is in the citrus category. Citruses are known to be strong degreasers. It provides balance, healing, and boosts your energy to improve productivity. 

Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang is an essential oil that contains properties that make it relaxing and soothing – providing stress relief.