What are Refilleries?

What are Refilleries?

A refillery is a store that provides refills for your common household substances such as cleaning products, hair products, selfcare products and more. They carry these products in bulk and often return their own bulk bins and jars to manufacturers to be refilled as well. They aim to reduce the use of single-use plastics by allowing you to reuse your existing product containers again. It also reduces the production of packaging when you buy a brand-new product.

Benefits of refilling

Despite people’s best efforts, a vast majority of plastic produced is thrown away ending up at landfills and not recycled. Refilleries aim to change the practice of recycling plastics to reusing them instead.

As long as your existing product containers are clean, undamaged, and sealable, they are fit to be refilled with the product again and do not need to be thrown away. You can even fill the container with any other product you want; it is a versatile container after all.

Liquid Earth’s products come in glass bottles that are fully recyclable. Having these bottles refilled at your local refillery is a green step forward to achieving zero waste.

Where are Refilleries? Where can you refill Liquid Earth?

Refilleries are becoming more common and there is probably one located near you! Letsgozerowaste.com is a website that has a directory of locations of refilleries in Canada and the US as well as other eco-friendly businesses. Liquid Earth continues to expand into more refilleries. You can find all of them listed on our website under the Store Locator.

Bonus: If you want to learn more about the process on how refilleries work or how you would go about refilling your products, Lets Go Zero Waste’s article on refilleries is a good source for more information.


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