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Our Mission

Cleaning Products should never be dirty!  Liquid Earth cleaning products were developed with one mission, improving the products we use in our homes and around our family. Truly natural to their core while maintaining the integrity of how they should perform. Committed to reducing all the potential risks associated with toxic and environmentally detrimental chemicals that creep into our daily lives, Liquid Earth blends safe and natural ingredients with the added benefit of aromatherapy, improving and maximizing the full cleaning experience. 

It is true that natural cleaning products are not always regarded for their quality cleaning capabilities - we wanted to change that and have ensured that Liquid Earth products provide superior cleaning performance over natural products in the market today. Without the dirty inside the bottle.

Liquid Earth was created by Don and Mike, two partners with synergetic but distinct executive backgrounds, and one common value and goal; improving the impact that our everyday lives have on the environment, our health, the health of our children and our furry family members. They wanted to leave the right footprints, outside of a corporate boardroom. With a ‘fire in their belly’ passion, they set out to create a better earth. They knew they could develop, and deliver, the very-best cleaning products in the market. Liquid Earth is focused on providing natural, ecologically friendlier, and healthier, alternatives for your most common daily task… cleaning.