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Liquid Earth Cleaners Achieve a Hospital Standard of Clean - Environmental Science Company Confirms

Summary of Pario Engineering and Environmental Sciences Report dated August 13, 2021 "Cleaning Efficacy Evaluation of Liquid Earth Products"


The Effectiveness of Liquid Earth Cleaners 


Partnering with Pario Engineering & Environmental Science 

     Liquid Earth has worked with Pario specialists to evaluate the performance of their products under real world conditions. Pario's Industrial Hygienists utilize proven technology to evaluate the performance of Liquid Earth products by comparing pre-cleaning and post-cleaning surfaces. 


The Science When Defining What is Clean 

     When cleaning a surface, it is visually challenging to see if there are any microscopic contaminants left. To see if our cleaners are effective at cleaning at the molecular level, ATP testing was used before and after cleaning the surfaces. What is ATP? Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a molecule that contains energy. This is present in all organic matter. ATP testing includes a process that turns the energy-molecule into light, which can be read on a scientific device, measured in RLU (relative light units). The number of RLU detected from the device is equivalent to the amount of organic matter, living or dead, present on the surface. Testing of the Liquid Earth cleaner was performed using equally soiled surfaces, on multiple materials, including vinyl flooring, kitchen countertops, tempered glass, and porcelain. 


     Before conducting the tests, the uniformly soiled surfaces had an RLU level between 427 and 820. This is indicative that the surfaces are Dirty/Very Dirty by established industry standards and can cause unwanted illness. A surface that can be classified as Very Clean will have a measurement between 10 to 30 RLU. A surface that can be considered as Ultra-Clean or Disinfected would require results below 10 RLU. Surfaces were sprayed with the Liquid Earth cleaning solutions and left to seep for up to a minute. After this time, the surfaces were wiped with a clean paper towel. 


Liquid Earth’s Standard of Clean 

     In all tests conducted, the Liquid Earth cleaners successfully cleaned all materials tested, resulting in a reduction of living matter to between 4 to 20 RLU. According to the lab report written by Pario Engineering & Environmental Science, “All Liquid Earth products tested outperformed the cleaning ability of the multi-surface cleaning wipes which were tested in parallel.” It can be confidently stated that the Liquid Earth cleaners exceed the normal standard of clean and removes much more to the eye. Liquid Earth strives to be a powerful cleaner that doesn’t damage surfaces overtime.  

 Pario Engineering and Environmental Sciences report also states: 

‘The results clearly indicate that all of the Liquid Earth cleaning products tested, are highly effective at cleaning surfaces, and successfully removed biological material from all surfaces tested. In addition, the dwell time required to achieve the effective cleaning was noted to be less than 60 seconds in all trials conducted, which is consistent with how these cleaning products would be used under real-world conditions. 

The products were observed to have superb wetting capabilities, spreading evenly over surfaces and liberating stubborn dirt. The low surface tension of the cleaning products allows for penetration into surficial textures and irregularities which can hold and trap stubborn dirt. No visible residue or streaking remained following the cleaning of glass surfaces. 

It is Pario’s conclusion that the Liquid Earth range of cleaning solutions are highly effective cleaning products, which work well on a wide variety of surfaces.’